The Government of the Town of Superior consists of the Mayor and four Council members. 


Council Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month at 7:00 pm in the Administration Building Meeting Room.  Anyone is invited to speak during the 'Visitor' section.  Please stand, introduce yourself, and state your comment.  During public comment please use proper language, courtesy and no discrimination.  Agenda's are posted the day before the scheduled Council meeting so please call as soon as possible to have your name placed on the agenda.


Minutes of all meetings are available upon request at the Clerk’s office during regular business hours.  
State of Wyoming
County of Sweetwater
Town of Superior                                                                                                                                            June 28, 2018

Mayor Dominic Wolf called the Council Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Council members present included Sara Swanson, Jim Pasborg and Rick Niemiec.  Councilor Jerry Maes was absent and excused.  Staff present included Town Clerk/Treasurer Anita Vaughn and Town Attorney Thayne Peterson.  Town Marshal Chad Goodsell came in later.

Approval of Agenda
Moved by Councilor S. Swanson, seconded by Councilor J. Pasborg to approve the agenda for June 28, 2018, with the following amendments:  to discuss random drug testing.  Moved by Mayor D. Wolf, seconded by Councilor J. Pasborg.  Motion carried unanimously.

Moved by Councilor R. Niemiec, seconded by Councilor J. Pasborg to approve the minutes of June 14, 2018 council meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Bills
Moved by Councilor J. Pasborg, seconded by Councilor S. Swanson to pay the bills against the town for June 28, 2018.  Motion carried unanimously.  By acclamation Mayor D. Wolf approved the payroll for June 26, 2018.  Councilors S. Swanson and R. Niemiec recused themselves.

There were several but most without comments.  Amanda Riley thanked us for getting approval for her son to use the workout room so quickly.  Also mentioned that her water pressure has lessened after the new meter was installed.  Mayor Wolf assured her this was common but would have one of the employees look into it.  Some discussion regarding other people that have lost pressure.

Department Reports
Moved by Councilor S. Swanson, seconded by Councilor J. Pasborg to approve the following departments reports for May 2018: Clerk/Treasurer-Court Clerk, Maintenance, Park & Rec., with the request to fix the sprinkler system to properly water the small park across from the large park on Main Street., Water/Wastewater, Transfer Station and Planning & Zoning.  Motion carried unanimously.  Councilor S. Swanson then asked if the department reports were sealed or open to public review; they are not sealed.  Councilor S. Swanson then stated that she has an issue with employees issues put in them.  Attorney T. Peterson agreed that they should not be in there and should be saved for an Executive Session.  Councilor S. Swanson showed Attorney T. Peterson what was under question and it will be stricken from the record.  Mayor Wolf assured Councilor S. Swanson that he has no problem discussing this in Executive Session.  Moved by Councilor S. Swanson, seconded by Councilor J. Pasborg, to strike this comment from the Park & Rec department report and to then approve the reports for May 2018, as amended.  Motion carried unanimously.  (Clerk A. Vaughn used a marker and blacked it out on the original before it was filed.)

New Business
1.  Resolution No. 2018-05:  Authorizing Renewal of That Certain Lease and Agreement.  Moved by Councilor R. Niemiec, seconded by Councilor S. Swanson to authorize renewal of that certain lease and agreement, dated as of July 30, 2013, by and among Sweetwater County, Wyoming...and the Sweetwater County 2013 Specific Purpose Tax Joint Powers Board.  Motion carried unanimously.
2.  Councilor S. Swanson brought up the random drug testing issue.  She believes that everyone should be subject to random drug testing; not only the people who are running heavy equipment.  Attorney T. Peterson read over the employee manual and it does state specifically that we can do the random testing on any and all employees.  Mayor D. Wolf stated he feels the pre-employment drug testing is adequate to cover all employees.  Attorney T. Peterson stated that if it's in the employee manual that it's mandatory then we just need to implement it.  If we're not going to do it for all employees than we need to amend the manual.  Also, our insurance will not cover us if an incident happens and the random testing has not been implemented.  Naturally if there's an incident the concerned employee will be tested as soon as possible.  He also advised that we may want to amend the policy as to the actions on our part if we do have a positive test; as it states now it is immediate dismissal.  He also made the offer to bring the manuals of other towns to the next meeting that he attends, which will be July 26h, as examples for further study, and will include other viable options made by other towns for facing the consequences of a positive test.  Clerk A. Vaughn was asked to call around to drug testing facilities for prices.
3.  Mayor D. Wolf said the city trucks are needing new smog filters.  Lowest price was $1,400 with only a 1 year warranty.  Next price is $1,700 with a lifetime warranty.  Councilor S. Swanson asked if he was sure the warranty covered the trucks as they are used in the capacity as they are used for the Town; he assured her it would cover these trucks for their usage.  Some discussion was held regarding the need for good working equipment for the town and perhaps paying a little more would be worth it.  The State requires we be emission compliant.

Old Business
1.  Fireworks was brought up; Fire Chief Bob Watts, and town employees Mark and Chris all offered to be available at the ball park for townspeople to bring their own to that location and set them off safely.  Clerk A. Vaughn was asked to post this information around town.  Marshal C. Goodsell advised he will not be in town but if we have any issues we can contact the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office and he will let them know he is going to be unavailable.

Approval of Correspondence
Moved by Councilor J. Pasborg, seconded by Councilor R. Niemiec to approve correspondence.  Motion carries unanimously.

Being no further business before the Council, moved by Councilor J. Pasborg, seconded by Councilor R. Niemiec to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 p.m.

Payroll for June 26,2018
Cindy Elg     $960.00     Anita Vaughn     $876.00     Mark Taebel     $1,368.00     Sheri Niemiec     $616.00     
Aundrea Niemiec     $756.00     Chad Goodsell     $495.00     Chris Robert     $375.00


Bills to be paid for June 28, 2018
United Site Services     $110.50             Monthly rental fee                         
Wy. Dept of Agriculture     $50.00            License Renewal
Notary Law Institute    $89.00               Notary supplies for A. Vaughn       
Aflac                                   $363.86          Monthly insurance premium
Town of Superior/Res.  $1,262.04          Monthly reserve deposit                
A. Pleasant Construction      $86,600.40     Phase I fee
Home Depot Credit       $288.77             Parts & Supplies                            
CenturyLink                         $406.11            Utility
Rocky Mtn. Power          $3706.99          Utility                                            
Rock Springs Winnelson       $49.91             Parts & Supplies
WAMCAT Treasurer     $65.00              Membership dues                           
Tegeler Insurance               $12,808.00      Yearly insurance premium
LGLP                              $1,607.00          Yearly insurance premium              
Dearborn National Ins.        $35.85            Yearly insurance premium
Ron's Ace Rental           $17.99               Parts & Supplies                            
WARCO Pump Service          $9,722.64       WTP service, parts & supplies
Staples Credit Plan       $168.02             Parts & Supplies                             
X-Stamper Online               $16.20              Notary Stamp for A. Vaughn
Peterson Legal Srvs.     $2,500.00          Monthly retainer                           
Town of Superior                $2,077.50        Water/Sewer for the Town
Hilary Brewster            $400.00             Monthly retainer                           
Jerry Maes                         $100.00            Monthly Council Pay
Rick Niemiec                 $100.00             Monthly Council Pay                       
Sara Swanson                      $100.00            Monthly Council Pay
Jim Pasborg                  $100.00             Monthly Council Pay                       
Dominic Wolf                       $400.00           Monthly Mayoral Pay
Employee Deductions    $853.72            Monthly Contributions                    
IRS                                     $1,959.26         Monthly Contributions



Town Ordinances/Town Code are available upon request at the Clerk’s office.   


Town Elections are held on the 2nd Tuesday in May every two years of all even numbered years.  The town elections are held in the Administration Building Meeting Room. 


Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, all municipalities are governed by the laws regulating statewide elections.  The Town of Superior enacted a Charter Ordinance in 1986 to conduct elections pursuant to the terms of its charter ordinance and not in the same manner as statewide elections.  All municipal offices are nonpartisan, and municipal officers must be qualified electors whose residence is in the municipality.  A candidate must be a registered voter and a resident of the municipality and shall not be an employee of the municipality.  The Town Clerk of the Town of Superior shall be the chief election officer for town elections.


Registered to vote?  If you are not registered to vote, you may do so at the Clerk’s office during regular business hours or at the Sweetwater County Court House in Green River.  Any registered voter residing in precincts in the town may vote in its election.  A person may register to vote not less than 30 days before the town election who satisfies the following qualifications: is a citizen of the U.S.; at least 18 years of age; resident of Wyoming; not currently adjudicated mentally incompetent; has not been convicted of a felony or if convicted has had civil rights restored; members of the armed forces.  

If you are not sure if you are registered call the Sweetwater County Elections Department at 922-5212.


Mayor/Council members


Administration for 2018-2022/2016-2020:



Term ends 2022                    Dominic Wolf


Council Members:                  Terms ends 2020

  Council position 1                Rick Niemiec

  Council position 2                Jerry Maes


                                           Terms end 2018

  Council position 3                Sara Swanson

  Council position 4                Jim Pasborg