Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning commission of the Town of Superior shall be responsible for the administration of the Planning & Zoning Ordinance/Town Code.

In performing these duties, the commission, among other things, shall:

Establish and administer rules and procedures for conducting the zoning affairs of the town to include the development of the necessary forms and permits and development of procedures not described by this title.

Coordinate with other officials in the administration and enforcement of this title.

Receive all applications for amendments to the language of this title or to the zoning map, refer such applications to appropriate agencies for comment and submit all such applications along with the comments of the examining agencies and recommendations of the commission to the town council.

Participate in meetings or public hearings relating to zoning before the Board of Adjustment or the Town Council.

Maintain the official zoning map or maps and other records showing the current zoning classification of all lands within the Town of Superior.

Recommend to the Town Council any changes to the zoning ordinance or to the official zoning map that may, from time to time, be desirable or necessary. All such changes shall be subject to the amendment procedures set forth in chapter 7 of the title.

Make any necessary examinations or studies relative to the use of land or structures to determine compliance with and appropriateness of these regulations. (Ord. 982, 5-28-1992) 



The planning and zoning commission of the Town of Superior or their designated representatives shall enforce and otherwise ensure compliance with those provisions of this title governing the actual development of land and the use of structures. In the performance of these duties, the commission, among other things, shall:

Applications: Receive and review all applications for permits for construction, alteration, or change of use or occupancy of land or structures, and approve or disapprove such applications based on  their conformance with the provisions of these regulations.

Request For Variance: Upon receipt of a notice of a request for a variance from the terms of this title, transmit to the secretary of the board of adjustment all original documents, or true copies thereof, constituting the record of the denial, order, or requirement from which the appeal was made.

Zoning Permits: Upon reasonable cause, revoke any zoning permit, issue cease and desist orders or take any other lawful action to ensure substantial compliance with the provisions of this title.

Investigations: Make or cause to be made any investigation which may be necessary to determine compliance with this title.

Records And Files: Maintain such records and files as may be necessary to the efficient conduct of the above duties. (Ord. 982, 5-28-1992)


     Construction Or Alteration Permit:

No building or structure shall be commenced, erected or altered until a zoning permit for construction or alteration has been issued by the commission or their designated representatives, on forms provided by them, certifying that the proposed structure or structures comply with all of the provisions of this title.

Exemptions: Accessory structures which are minor in nature, do not normally require a permanent foundation, are not fixed to a permanent location on the ground or are not attached to a structure containing a permitted use shall not require such a permit.

     Building Permit:

No person firm, or corporation shall erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair move, improve, remove, convert, or demolish any building or structure in the city, or cause the same to be done, without first obtaining a separate building permit for each building or structure from the building official.  No building permit shall be required for the repair and maintenance of one and two family dwelling if the cost of the said repair and maintenance is less than $1,000.00, including labor and materials.  For the purpose of this section, repair and maintenance shall be defined as follows:  Repair:  Repair is the reconstruction or renewal of any part of an existing building for the purpose of maintenance.  Maintenance:  Maintenance is the routine recurring work performed to maintain one and two family dwelling in good physical operating condition or to restore it to such condition that it may be continuously utilized at its original or designated capacity of the needed purpose.  The following shall be the building permit fees:

Estimated Cost of Construction             Fee
$1 - $1,000                                               $50
     $1,001 - $50,000                               $50 plus $1.00 per additional one thousand dollars or fraction thereof.
     $50,000 and up                                 $60 plus $5.00 per additional one thousand dollars or fraction thereof.

     Mobile Home Permit:  

Mobile home courts and parks and mobile home subdivisions shall comply with the provisions of this title and the subdivision regulations of the town of Superior.  No separate zone lots are required for each structure containing a permitted use or uses located in mobile home courts or parks.  An application shall be filed requesting a permit.  Prior to issuance of permit, mobile home shall be inspected by P&Z at the mobile home’s present location within 100 mile radius of Superior.  Outside of this district, a photo of the mobile home must be sent for P&Z review.  A permit will only be issued for a specific mobile home and not for a particular person or firm.

Mobile Home Regulations: 

·        The mobile home construction must be HUD certified

·        Minimum width of a mobile home shall be 14'.

·        Minimum length of a single-wide mobile home shall be 70’.

·        Minimum age of mobile home shall be no older than 15 old from present date

If a mobile home is set on a zone lot without a permit it shall be a violation of this title and subject to the penalties as set forth in section 12-6-8 of this title.

     Use Permit:

Neither the use of any land nor the use within any building or structure shall be established or changed until a Zoning Permit termed a use permit has been issued by the commission or their designated representatives certifying that the use complies with all of the provisions of this title. Such a permit shall not be required of accessory uses.

Applications for zoning permits shall be accompanied by a site plan, drawn to scale, containing the name and address of the   applicant; the location, shape and dimensions of the land area in question; the dimensions, shape and location of existing and proposed structures; existing and proposed uses of the structure, structures or land area; location layout and number of spaces for off street parking and loading; and such other information as may be necessary for the proper enforcement of this title.  Applications and site plans can be downloaded and printed from the home page under Forms.

Planning & Zoning Commission members (term expires):


          Amanda Riley, Chairperson; 1 year term (8/19)

          Tonya Ruby, President, 3 year term (8/21)

          Rick Niemiec, 2 year term (8/19)

          Angel Ruby, 2 year term (8/19)

          Nikki Root,  3 year term (8/21)


Meetings are posted and held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Administration Building.   You may contact the Secretary with questions or comments at