Water/Wastewater Department


Superior Water Department supplies water for approximately 120 households, serving 336 people.  The town has 3 wells ranging in depth from 920’ to 1700’.  The department has a newly installed computerized telemetry system.  For questions concerning Superior’s Water Department contact the Chief Water Operator at the Maintenance Shop at 307-362-1152.

Schedule for water operators.  Our water operators are on a rotating schedule.  One employee works Monday thru Thursday while the other employee works Tuesday thru Friday of each week.  The employees rotate this schedule every week.  With this schedule here will be an employee working Monday thru Friday and one employee on-call Saturday and Sunday.  These on-call days over the weekends are for emergencies only.  An emergency consists of a water line break, not a water service turn-on or off for repairs, these must be done during the week.  If you need an operator on Friday call the Maintenance Shop and leave a message for the employee working that day.  Maintenance Shop at 307-362-1152; Hours 6:30am - 4pm.


The Annual Consumer Confidence Report is published in January of each year.




Before any new water service can be turned on to a new user an application must be turned in to the Town Clerk along with a $50 turn-on fee and a $87 water deposit.  After one full year of continuous service with timely payment of all billings, deposit will be refunded in full.  


The monthly water and sewer rates are $67.12 for water and $19.88 for sewer each month.  An application for Water and Sewer service may be downloaded and printed from the Home page under Forms.

An Affidavit for Water Service is required for all Rental Property when the renter is paying the bill, this must be attached to the application for water and sewer service.  This form is also under Forms on the Home page.

Superior Town Code 10-1-11:  DISCONTINUATION OF SERVICE: says The owner of every building, premises, lot or house (including the owner of a mobile home and/or mobile home parks/trailer courts) shall be liable for all charges for water delivered to the property, which liability may be enforced by the town  . . . the town shall not be required to look to any person whatsoever other than the owner for the payment of water charges. No change in ownership or occupation shall affect the application of this subsection.




Any person desiring to make a connection to the water utility or to use water therefrom, shall make written application to the administrative official for a permit to do so and shall not make such connection or use any water from the water utility without such permit.

          There shall be three types of permit to make connections with the water utility of the municipality


    1.      A permit for the purpose of connecting a water service line from a main of the water utility to the property to be served, for the purpose of taking and using water for normal municipal purposes; that is, domestic, commercial or industrial;


2.     A permit to connect an enlarged tap to the water utility for the purpose of taking and using water for normal municipal purposes; that is, domestic, commercial or industries;


3.     A permit to take or use water from the water utility of the municipality to serve property situated outside the municipality.  This permit shall be issued only with the express consent of the governing body and under such terms and conditions as the governing body shall provide by resolution;



A Water Tap Permit may be downloaded and printed from the Home page under Forms.

A Wastewater Tap Permit may be downloaded and printed from the Home page under Forms.





The town backhoe shall only be used for the repair of water and sewer lines or other similarly related work.  The town has absolute discretion to determine and decide whether the work shall be performed at all.   The town further reserves the right to determine when said work shall be performed and to discontinue work at any time for any reason whatsoever without obligation or liability.  Lessee acknowledges and agrees that the backhoe work will be performed at the Town’s convenience and that the town’s official use of the backhoe has priority.  Only qualified town personnel may operate the town’s equipment.  The Backhoe Rental Agreement  along with the Release of Liability shall be filled out and signed along with a 2 hour minimum rental fee paid in advance before any work will be started.  Equipment rental rate with operator is $125 per hour.  These forms may be downloaded and printed from the Home page under Forms. 

2018 Consumer Confidence Report can be found by clicking the links below: