Superior, Wyoming is located just 23 miles east from Rock Springs nestled at the foot of the panoramic Continental Divide. 


We invite you to enjoy a modern day voyage into yesteryear to a town forgotten by time.  Superior remains a diamond in the rough for those seeking real adventure in authentic old west sightseeing.  In its heyday, Superior was a bustling town of over 3,000, lured by underground coal mines.  Today, only 336 hearty souls keep this isolated “Ghost Town” alive. 


The Journey: A Tale of a Wyoming Boy

by Harry K Porter Jr.
"The Journey" is a story of a small boy living in a small coal mining town in Superior, Wyoming. He describes the people, culture and history of the town making it an exciting read.  His story starts as a small boy and ends when getting married and moving away. He adds humor and interesting facts that will make you laugh and not want to put the book down.
The Journey:  A Tale of a Wyoming Boy sells on as a paperback


In November, the Town of Superior was awarded $1,000.00 from Rocky Mountain Power through their Community Funding Program for our "Water Treatment Plant LED Light Replacement" project.  This contribution will enable the town to purchase 13 LED lights for our Water Treatment Plant.  The Town of Superior "Thanks" Rocky Mountain Power for their generosity.


The Planning & Zoning Commission finds a vacancy in one 1-year position on the P&Z Board.  The Governing Body of the Town of Superior will appoint a person to fulfill the remainder of the term which ends August 2018.  Please submit a letter of interest to the Clerks office. 

The Governing Body of Superior Wyoming finds a vacancy exists in Council Position No. 4. The Governing Body of the Town of Superior will appoint an eligible person to the office who shall serve until his successor is elected at the next municipal election (May 2018).  In order to be an eligible person for the position, you must be a citizen of the United States who is a resident of Superior, Wyoming; is a registered voter and is at least eighteen (18) years of age. No person is a qualified elector who is a currently adjudicated mentally incompetent person, or who has been convicted of a felony and his civil rights have not been restored.
Please submit a letter of interest to the Clerks office if you are interested in this position.   Public interviews and appointment will take place at a regular Council Meeting.





Superior native authors new community history

The story of this town - really the story of two towns - is told in a new local history book.  Images of America:  Superior and South Superior by Frank Prevedel.  The book was released June 2011.  All profits from the book will benefit the Sweetwater County Museum Foundation.  The book is part of the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing.  These books are designed to tell a community's story through photographs.  The majority of images from Superior and South Superior were provided by the Sweetwater County Historical Museum, others by the Rock Springs Historical Museum, the Superior Museum, the Wyoming State Archives, the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming, the New Studio, the author's collection, and numerous individuals. 

The book Superior and South Superior are available for purchase from the Clerks Office in the Administration Building for $21.99 each. 
Superior and South Superior, Wyoming (Images of America Series)

1937 Mack Fire Truck For Sale

1937 Mack Fire Truck
Call Clerks office for information or questions 362-8173

House For Rent by Town of Superior

Town Rental House at 3 1/2 N. Main Street in Superior.  3 bedroom 2 bath, attached garage, Tenants pay all utilities, NO Pets; NO Smoking,
Call with questions 362-8173

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