Superior, Wyoming is located just 23 miles east from Rock Springs nestled at the foot of the panoramic Continental Divide. 


We invite you to enjoy a modern day voyage into yesteryear to a town forgotten by time.  Superior remains a diamond in the rough for those seeking real adventure in authentic old west sightseeing.  In its heyday, Superior was a bustling town of over 3,000, lured by underground coal mines.  Today, only 336 hearty souls keep this isolated “Ghost Town” alive. 


The Journey: A Tale of a Wyoming Boy

by Harry K Porter Jr.
"The Journey" is a story of a small boy living in a small coal mining town in Superior, Wyoming. He describes the people, culture and history of the town making it an exciting read.  His story starts as a small boy and ends when getting married and moving away. He adds humor and interesting facts that will make you laugh and not want to put the book down.
The Journey:  A Tale of a Wyoming Boy sells on as a paperback


OWNER               Town of Superior
                              3 North Main Street
                              P.O. Box 40
                              Superior, WY 82945                      

ARCHITECT      Myers Anderson Architects
                              122 South Main Street, Suite 1  
                              Pocatello, Idaho 83204               
                              Phone: (208) 232-3741              

Sealed Bids will be received by the Town of Superior at 3 North Main Street, P.O. Box 40, Superior WY 82945 until 2:00 pm on May 25, 2017 for the Superior Events Center. 
Bids will be opened and publicly read at the above hour and date. 
Scope of work includes demolition of existing gymnasium building, which is attached to the existing Town Hall building. Construction of new 3,865 GSF gymnasium building to include restrooms and a catering kitchen.

A Prebid conference will be held at the project site, 3 North Main Street, Superior, WY 82945 at 2:00 pm on May 17, 2017 as stated in the Instructions to Bidders. A tour of the project site will follow the Prebid conference. Attendance is highly recommended.

Bid documents may be obtained from the office of the Architect upon receipt of a refundable deposit, in the amount of $100.00 for one set. This deposit will be refunded upon return of all bidding documents in good condition, within ten days after the bid date.

Documents are on file and may be viewed at the office of the Architect, the Town of Superior, and any of the following plan rooms:
Dodge Data & Analytics                                   Wyoming Plan Service  
3315 Central Ave                                               5487 Coates Road             
Hot Springs, AR 71913                                     Casper, WY 82604               

Associated General Contractor                           Mountainlands Area Plan Room 
1649 W. Shoreline Drive                                    583 W. 3560 S., Suite 4       
Boise, ID 83702                                                 Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Bids will be received on a lump sum basis.
Bidders shall be qualified to do business and licensed in accordance with all applicable laws of the state and local governments where the Project is located.
All bids must be on the forms furnished; all blank spaces filled in and signed with the name and address of the Bidder. No disqualified bids will be read.
Bids shall be in accordance with the Bid Documents.
Your offer will be required to be submitted under a condition of irrevocability for a period of 30 days after submission.



Many Wyoming State Statutes apply to the bidding and contracting for Public Works Project. Some of the major statutory requirements are summarized below: The successful bidder shall be responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable state statutes, including but not limited to, the statutes discussed below:

W.S. 16-6-102;                          5% Resident contractor preference
W.S. 16-6-104:                          5% Preference for Wyoming materials 
W.S. 16-6-203                           Resident Labor Preference 
W.S. 27-3-502 (f);                     Wyoming Employment Security 
W.S. 16-6-17                             Final Settlement with and Payment to Contractor

The Bid shall be conditioned upon compliance with all labor related requirements including the regulations and stipulations concerning equal employment opportunity, minority manpower utilization and affirmative action requirements. The Owner hereby notifies all prospective bidders that they will affirmatively assure that Small, Minority, and Women-Owned business will be afforded full and equal opportunity to submit proposals in response to this invitation and are on the grounds of race, sex, age, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.


The Owner reserve the right to reject any or all Bids and to waive irregularities therein, and all Bidders shall agree that such rejection shall be without liability on the part of the Owner for any damage or claim brought by any Bidder because of such rejections, nor shall the Bidders seek any recourse of any kind against the Owner because of such rejections. The filing of any Bid in response to this invitation shall constitute an agreement of the Bidder to these conditions.

Advertisement Dates: May 3, 2017;  May 10, 2017

By:      Town of Superior
            3 N Main Street
            P.O. Box 40
            Superior, WY 82945

Superior native authors new community history

The story of this town - really the story of two towns - is told in a new local history book.  Images of America:  Superior and South Superior by Frank Prevedel.  The book was released June 2011.  All profits from the book will benefit the Sweetwater County Museum Foundation.  The book is part of the Images of America series published by Arcadia Publishing.  These books are designed to tell a community's story through photographs.  The majority of images from Superior and South Superior were provided by the Sweetwater County Historical Museum, others by the Rock Springs Historical Museum, the Superior Museum, the Wyoming State Archives, the American Heritage Center of the University of Wyoming, the New Studio, the author's collection, and numerous individuals. 

The book Superior and South Superior are available for purchase from the Clerks Office in the Administration Building for $21.99 each. 
Superior and South Superior, Wyoming (Images of America Series)

1937 Mack Fire Truck For Sale

1937 Mack Fire Truck
Call Clerks office for information or questions 362-8173

House For Rent by Owner

Town Rental House at
3 1/2 N. Main Street
3 bedroom 2 bath
Attached garage
Tenants pay all utilities
NO Pets
Call with questions 362-8173
Town Clerk Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 7:30am-5pm

Maintenance Shop Hours
Monday - Friday 6:30am-4pm

Lunch from 12-12:30pm for both

Transfer Station Hours
Thur 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-5pm